Trusts and Inheritance Tax

 Will your family pay more inheritance tax than they need to?

Once you have died it’s too late to take advantage of tax savings that could have been made. Why not review your tax position as part of making your Will? The inheritance tax savings can far outweigh the cost of making a Will.

A basic Will may be insufficient to meet your and your family’s needs if:

  • you think you may have an inheritance tax problem
  • you have a modern family structure (i.e. are unmarried or in a second marriage)
  • you own a business or farmland
  • you have concerns about what would happen if your spouse marries again after your death
  • you want to provide better protection for the wealth you leave your family

You may wish to consider using a trust within your Will. We give you access to clear information and advice, so you can understand your options and decide what is right for you.

What tax reliefs and allowances are available to you?

  • How can you benefit from the Residence Nil Rate Band?
  • Are you eligible for any Transferable Nil Rate Band and if so, how do you obtain this?
  • Can you benefit from tax relief relating to business assets?
  • Can you benefit from tax relief relating to agricultural land and property?
  • What gifts can you make that are exempt from inheritance tax?
  • What other gifting options and strategies can you use?

We quote fixed fees for our inheritance tax planning service. Once you have a written price from us, that price will not change.

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