Will Advice and Preparation

Making a Will is easy with us

A Will is the most critical, but often neglected, part of sound financial planning. The rewards from preparing a Will are many, and tremendously valuable.  It is arguably one of the most important documents you will ever sign.

Your Will is personal to you and your circumstances:

  • Who do you want to manage things after you die?
  • Who do you want to look after any children you have under 18?
  • Who is going to get what – such as personal items, money and property?
  • What tax will be due on your death and what tax reliefs/allowances are you entitled to?

Do you want to provide protection to your beneficiaries?

Whilst it is typical to want to leave your estate directly to your spouse and children, you may not be aware of the risks of leaving wealth outright?

Consider the following:

  • If your spouse remarries
    Marriage invalidates any existing Will and your children could be unintentionally disinherited in favour of the new spouse and their family.
  • If the survivor of you, or one of your children, requires means tested benefits or services
    Assets left directly to a beneficiary may be fully assessable for any means tested benefits or services. This could result in them missing out on valuable resources.
  • If a child gets divorced or becomes subject to creditor or other legal claims
    Assets left directly to a beneficiary will be part of their estate for the purposes of legal proceedings. A large proportion of their inheritance could be unintentionally lost if such proceedings are not finalised before your death, or occur any time after.
  • Inheritance tax paid repeatedly on the same family assets
    Any inheritance you leave directly to your beneficiaries will add onto their estates and may be subject to inheritance tax on their deaths. This can often mean that tax is paid repeatedly on the same assets as they pass from one generation to the next.

If you are concerned about some of these scenarios, you can incorporate a flexible trust into your Will to provide better protection to the wealth you leave your family.

Having access to clear information and advice that you can understand will enable you to decide which legal documents are right for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Will?

We quote a fixed fee for advising on and preparing a Will. Once we have discussed your circumstances with you, we will quote you a price upfront. Once you have a written price from us, that price will not change.

We make the Will Writing Process Easy

Making a Will can be quick, easy and enjoyable in the right hands. We’ll give you the right information and guidance so you make a Will that’s exactly right for you and your family.

If you have been introduced to us by your accountant or financial adviser, with your permission they will put us in touch with each other.

If you are approaching us directly, please contact us below for information on what happens next.

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